31 years since the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan

Today is the 31st anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.
The wound of the war, which lasted about 10 years, has not yet been written for the internationalist soldiers. Each year the veterans of the war in Afghanistan will not leave without attention this day. And in memory of the fallen, it is decided to honor the memory.
The Afghan people called the Soviet troops shuravi. In total, they are at least in the army 18-energy day-a holiday for everyone around the barrel. At the same time, after more than a quarter of a century, youth cannot forget the terrible period when it made a small youth.
Officers know well that you can’t make mistakes in war. The military history Museum of Astana has a corner dedicated to the legendary Borik Kerimbayev. Over the course of 8 months, 177 detachments led by this group defended objects of strategic importance. It is known that the command of the black major is recognized by the Mujahideen. He recalls that the will was a strong, heroic homeland.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. Today, everyone understands war. But our compatriots did not return, but to the people who met them