Aktobe Polytechnic College
Historical background

It was founded in 1965 on the basis of the Temir Industrial Technical School
Temir industrial and pedagogical Technical School in 1967
In 1977, Aktobe industrial and pedagogical Technical School
In 1979, he moved from the shubarkuduk field to the Aktobe industrial and pedagogical Technical School in Aktobe
In 1996, by the decree of the government, the technical school was renamed Aktobe Polytechnic College
Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College since 2019

History of the college’s formation

Aktobe Polytechnic College is one of the fundamental educational institutions in the western region of Kazakhstan.
The first foundation of this educational institution was laid on April 17, 1965 on the basis of vocational and Technical School No. 6 in Shubarkuduk village of Temir District of Aktobe region in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR No. 582. Since July 1965, the first admissions committee has accepted its first graduates in the old building of the Shubarkuduk field.

  • 1965

    Темір индустриалды-педагогикалық техникумының алғашқы ғимараты

Initially, the Technical School trained only specialists in the specialty” agricultural mechanization”, since the 1984-1985 academic year, the specialties” processing of materials on machines and automatic systems “and” repair and maintenance of cars and engines ” have been opened.

  • Алғашқы ұстаздар құрамы

From the day of its opening to March 1994, the technical school was headed by Vitaly Chuev, who was widely known for his business, perseverance, ingenuity and intelligence. Along with the development of the material and technical base of the technical school, Vitaly Mikhailovich paid special attention to improving the social, housing and living conditions of employees. The formation of the material, technical and educational and methodological base of the educational institution was a significant contribution to the history of the development of the educational institution, which was achieved thanks to the hard work of the head, other employees of the educational institution, teaching staff.

At different times, its directors made an invaluable contribution to the development of the University.

“I don’t know,” he said, ” but I’m sure it’s a good idea.”

To date, the college is headed by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, member of the International Academy of informatization, excellent student of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aldiyarov Kasymbek Tuleuovich.


In the 53-year history, graduates of the sacred black shanyrak, who are about to launch their 49th graduate, make a significant contribution to the development of the country’s economy.

Thousands of graduates of the educational institution received a referral for life. Our graduates work in various fields: schools, public and private institutions. Among them, we can highlight such citizens as Sagyndykov E. N., Druzyak V. G. Klimchuk V. I. , Baimashev T. K., Anarbekova K., Rysbayev R. Dzhaparov G.

  • 1969

    Алғашқы түлектер. 1969 ж.

Veteran teachers

Among the veterans , mentors-teachers who gave many graduates a referral to life, as well as love for their work, such teachers as Shkileva N. A., Manasueva T. A., Chuev V. K., Tyumaliyev A. A., Ayapbergenova zh.a., Shkilev A. P., Padun F. V., Palamarzha F. V., Marakhovskaya O. N., Volodarskaya G. K., Apapatova L. A., Kenzhebayeva U. I can mention the Masters of industrial training.

Our college also makes a significant contribution to the socio – economic development of the western regions of Kazakhstan , as it trains specialists in demand. Full-time, part-time, distance learning at the college: 1302000 “automation and control”, 1302023 “electrician”; 0801000 “oil and gas processing technology”, 0801143 “technician-technologist”; 1304000 “computer equipment and software”, 1304043″programmer technician”; 1305000 “Information Systems”, 1305023″Software Technician”; 0512000 “translation business”, 0512013 “translator”; 010400 “professional training” (by industry) -0104013 “master of industrial training, technician” -0104023 “master of industrial training, technician-technologist” 1401000 “construction and operation of houses and structures”, 1401213″construction technician”; 0819000 “oil and gas processing technology”, 0819073 “technician-technologist”; 0518000 “accounting and audit”, 0518033 “economist-accountant”; 0809000 “operation of oil and gas fields”, 0809223 “technician-technologist”; Conducted in the following specialties: 0902000 “electricity supply”, 0902033 “electrical technician”. One of the most important features of the educational institution is that the College also has additional educational activities, that is, training students in an additional working profession. It is also engaged in retraining and advanced training of working specialists in 83 specialties. Employers are actively updating the content of vocational education in order to ensure that students of the Polytechnic College Master modern technologies and techniques, conduct professional practice in the most successful institutions.

  • 2010

Only in recent years, the fifth floor of the college building has been completed, and a number of new classrooms have been opened. A Sports Hall, workshops, and a landfill for future oil industry specialists were put into operation. Since 2010, the college has opened a driving school, and to date, 1030 people have issued driving licenses.
Special attention is paid to the scientific activity and professional development of teachers. This is an opportunity for them to learn how to develop a program for managing robots while working. Students are also actively involved in such searches.
The primary trade union organization, which pays great attention to cultural events at the College, the financial situation of teachers and employees of the college, and makes an active contribution to the general cultural education of the College, also has a great role.
Also, the library, which operates in the educational institution, has a fund of 95 thousand books.
The educational policy of the College, which aims to train highly qualified specialists with technical and vocational education, competitive in the labor market, is to develop a person who meets the requirements of labor market development, has professional training, constantly improves their knowledge and self — development.

  • 2013

Today, the college pays great attention to the training of qualified and educated specialists and creates all the necessary conditions for this. Teaching staff and students are actively involved in research work at the college. They take an active part in international, national, and regional conferences, forums, and seminars. Student science is also developing rapidly. Especially at the regional and national conferences organized by the small Academy of Sciences, our students showed great activity and were awarded diplomas of I, II,III degrees. Today, our graduates work in the oil and gas industry, various business sectors, banks, and various enterprises.
Advantages of studying at Aktobe Polytechnic College:
the use of various forms of training and education, the composition of teachers of the highest professional level, obtaining high-quality education At Reasonable Prices.
Education of young people is one of the priority and urgent problems of the modern educational process. Its relevance is characterized by great purposefulness in each initiative, an active life position.
In its more than half-century history, the high-status educational institution has achieved a lot of success.
This is evidenced by the fact that in 2010 it was recognized as the best among secondary educational institutions in the oil and gas industry of the Republic.
In 2013, Aktobe Polytechnic College, with the support of the Ministry of Science and education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, won the project “improving vocational and technical education”, which is implemented with the funding of the International Bank for reconstruction and development.
Since 2019, our college has been awarded the title of Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College.