General provisions

The student dormitory of Aktobe Polytechnic College (hereinafter referred to as the student dormitory) is intended to accommodate nonresident students for the period of study (hereinafter referred to as living in the dormitory).

The hostel must provide the necessary conditions for living, independent studies and recreation, as well as cultural, educational and sports-mass work.

The student dormitory is located as part of an educational institution of secondary vocational education (hereinafter referred to as an educational institution) as a structural subdivision and is maintained at the expense of budgetary funds allocated to the educational institution, fees for the use of the dormitory and other extra–budgetary funds received from the economic and entrepreneurial activities of the educational institution.

Outsiders are not allowed to stay in the student dormitory, the placement of departments of the educational institution, as well as other organizations and institutions. If all students in need are fully provided with places in the dormitory according to established standard norms, isolated empty buildings, floors may, by decision of the administration and the students' trade union committee or another representative body authorized by students (hereinafter referred to as the students' trade union committee), be converted into dormitories for teachers and staff or rented to third–party organizations.

In each dormitory, in accordance with building codes and regulations, rooms for independent studies, rest rooms, isolation rooms, household rooms (kitchens, showers, washrooms, toilets and others) are organized. The composition and areas of sanitary facilities are allocated and equipped in accordance with the standard rules of the device, equipment and maintenance of the hostel.

Premises for catering establishments, polyclinics, health centers located in the hostel to serve residents are provided free of charge with heating, lighting, water supply and security.

The general management of the work in the hostel to strengthen and develop the material base, the organization of household services for those living in the hostel is entrusted to the director of the college or to an official authorized by him.

The residents of the hostel and the college administration can conclude an agreement on mutual responsibility of the parties.

The rights and obligations of living in a hostel.

Residents of the hostel have the right to:

  • • to live in a fixed living room for the entire period of study at the college, subject to compliance with the internal regulations;
  • • use the premises of educational and cultural purposes, equipment, inventory of the hostel;
  • • to make proposals to the administration of the college on the conclusion of an agreement on mutual responsibility and to achieve its implementation;
  • • relocate with the consent of the college administration to another living room of the dormitory;
  • • to elect the student dormitory council (student council) and be elected to its composition;
  • • participate through the student council in solving issues of improving the housing and living provision of residents, organizing educational work and leisure, equipment and design of living quarters and rooms for independent work, distribution of funds ;

Residents of the hostel are obliged to:

  • • strictly observe the rules of the internal regulations of the hostel, safety regulations;
  • • carefully treats the premises, equipment and inventory of the hostel, economically spend electricity, gas and water, keep clean in residential premises and common areas, clean their living rooms daily;
  • • timely pay a fee in the prescribed amounts for accommodation, use of bedding and for all types of additional services provided;
  • • comply with the provisions of the mutual responsibility agreement concluded with the administration;
  • • compensate for the material damage caused in accordance with the current legislation and the concluded contract.

Students living in the dormitory, on a voluntary basis, are involved by the dormitory council during extracurricular time in self-service work, landscaping and landscaping of the dormitory territory, to repair the living rooms occupied by them, systematic general cleaning of the dormitory premises and the assigned territory and other types of work, taking into account the concluded contract in compliance with labor protection rules.

For violation of the rules of residence in a hostel, public and administrative measures may be applied to residents on the recommendation of the hostel administration or the decision of the hostel council in accordance with the current legislation.

It is strictly prohibited to appear in a hostel in a drunken state that offends the dignity of citizens, as well as to store, use and sell narcotic substances.

Responsibilities of the administration of the educational institution of the hostel.

The direct management of the economic activity and operation of the hostel, the organization of the life of the residents, the maintenance of the established order in it is carried out by the deputy director for administrative and economic work or another employee appointed by the director of the college.

The administration of the educational institution is obliged to:

  • • to maintain the dormitory premises in accordance with the established sanitary rules;
  • • conclude agreements on mutual responsibility with residents and fulfill them;
  • • equip dormitories with furniture, equipment, bedding and other inventory according to the current Standard Equipment standards with furniture and other inventory of the dormitory;
  • • to carry out timely repairs of the dormitory, inventory, equipment, to keep the secured territory and green spaces in proper order;
  • • to ensure the provision of necessary communal services to residents of the community, premises for self–employment and holding cultural and sports events;
  • • relocate in case of acute illness living in a dormitory with their consent to isolation cells based on the recommendation of doctors;
  • • to staff dormitories in accordance with the established procedure with service personnel;
  • • to assist the student dormitory council in the development of student self-government on self-service issues, improving working conditions, everyday life and recreation of residents;
  • • to carry out measures to improve housing and cultural and living conditions in the hostel, to take timely measures to implement the proposals of residents, to inform them about the decisions taken.
  • • to provide the necessary thermal regime and illumination in all rooms in accordance with sanitary requirements and labor protection rules;
  • • to provide residents with the necessary equipment, inventory, tools and materials for carrying out maintenance and cleaning of the dormitory and the assigned territory on a voluntary basis.

14. The administration of the educational institution, in coordination with the students' trade union committee and the student council, appoints the head of the dormitory (commandant)

15. The head of the hostel (commandant) is obliged to ensure:

  • • direct management of the work of the staff of the hostel;
  • • moving into a community on the basis of a warrant issued by an educational institution (Appendix N 1), passport and health certificate;
  • • providing residents with the necessary equipment and inventory in accordance with standard norms, changing bed linen in accordance with sanitary rules;
  • • consideration of comments on the content of the hostel and suggestions of residents to improve living conditions;
  • • informing the administration of the educational institution about the situation in the hostel;
  • • security of the hostel, normal thermal regime and necessary lighting of all rooms of the hostel;
  • • cleanliness and order in the hostel and on its territory, to instruct and take measures to comply with internal regulations, safety regulations, general cleaning of the premises of the hostel and the assigned territory.

The head of the hostel (commandant) has the right:

  • • make suggestions to the administration of the educational institution to improve the living conditions in the hostel;
  • • together with the student council to submit proposals for the consideration of the administration of the educational institution on encouragement and imposition of penalties on those living in the hostel;
  • • to make a decision on the relocation of residents at their request from one room to another;
  • • make suggestions on the promotion and application of disciplinary measures to the staff of the hostel.

16. The head of the dormitory, together with the student dormitory council, considers in accordance with the established procedure the disagreements that have arisen between the residents and the staff of the dormitory.

Check-in of the student dormitory, eviction from the dormitory, payment for services.

17. Accommodation of students is carried out in compliance with the established sanitary standards in accordance with the regulations on the student dormitory of the educational institution.

17.1. The Competition Commission distributes places in the dormitory according to the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 22, 2016 No. 66 On approval of the Rules for the allocation of places in dormitories of state educational organizations on the basis of a written application of a student in the prescribed form according to the appendix to these Rules, or on the basis of an application submitted electronically to the web portal of "electronic government" - , with the attachment of the relevant documents confirming its status. As a rule, a living room is assigned to a resident for the entire period of study at an educational institution.

If it is impossible to stay in this room due to an accident, the relocation of residents from one dormitory to another is carried out by a joint decision of the administration and the trade union committee of students of the educational institution, and from one room to another by the decision of the administration and the student council of the dormitory.

18. The organization of the registration regime in the student dormitory is carried out by a person appointed by the administration of the educational institution for this purpose.

19. Applicants for the period of passing entrance exams, for the period of passing examination sessions and defending diploma projects (passing state exams) may be accommodated in a student dormitory with payment on the terms established by the educational institution in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Applicants who have received an unsatisfactory grade in the entrance exams, vacate a place in the dormitory within three days from the date of the announcement of the exam result, and those who have filed an appeal – within three days after the confirmation of the correctness of the assessment by the appeals commission. Applicants who have not passed through the competition to an educational institution, within three days after the issuance of the enrollment order.

20. Upon expulsion from an educational institution (including upon its completion), residents vacate the dormitory within the period specified in the concluded agreement on mutual responsibility.

21. The fee for the use of the hostel is charged from students for the entire stay and the vacation period.

Public management bodies of the student dormitory.

22. In the dormitory, students elect a self–governing body - the student dormitory council (student council), representing their interests. The Student Council has the right to conclude agreements between the staff of residents and the administration of the college. The Student Council coordinates the activities of the elders of the rooms, organizes work on self-service of the hostel, voluntarily attracts residents to perform socially useful work in the hostel and on the adjacent territory, helps the administration in organizing control over the safety of material values assigned to residents, organizes cultural and mass work.The Student Council in its work is guided by the regulations on the student dormitory of the college.

The Student Dormitory Council, together with the dormitory administration, develops and, within its rights, carries out measures for the reception of residential premises, equipment and furniture, securing living rooms for residents for the entire period of study.

23. The following issues must necessarily be agreed with the Student Council:

  • • relocation of residents from one dormitory room to another on the initiative of the administration;
  • • encouragement of residents and disciplinary measures against them.

The administration of the educational institution takes measures to encourage the asset of student self-government bodies for successful work.

Note: If there is no student council in the dormitory, its rights and obligations are transferred to another body authorized by the residents.

24. A headman is elected on each floor of the dormitory. The headman of the floor monitors the careful attitude of residents to the property located on the floor, the maintenance of the floor in cleanliness and order. The head of the floor in their work is guided by the decisions of the student dormitory.