Dual training is a form of training that combines training in the organization of education with mandatory periods of industrial training and professional practice at the enterprise( in the organization) with the provision of jibs and compensation to students, with equal responsibility of the enterprise( organization), the educational institution and the student.
    This system assumes training of the expert simultaneously in two directions-theoretical and practical. 1/3 of the time of training he receives basic knowledge in College, and 2/3 hones skills and receives practically significant knowledge in the production-training enterprise..
The main goal is to prepare a qualified and competent graduate, who has formed the basic skills of work in the workplace, to develop a Kazakh model of EDUCATION in the system of technical and specialized education (TVE). Simply put, to prepare such a specialist who from the very first days could be involved in the work and would perform it at a high professional level. In addition, dual education involves the formation of an order from employers of Kazakhstan for specialists with certain skills and knowledge.

Dual form of education has become one of the trends of education today. This is a special from of training of qualified workers on the basis of close

interaction of enterprises and colleges by combining theoretical and practical training in the educational process.


In order to study the experience of foreign partners in dual training, more than 46 college teachers upgraded their qualifications:


Singapore “Nanyang Polytechnic”

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Germany – German experience.

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Novosibirsk Russia –

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Minsk, Republic of Belarus

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Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

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