List of documents

((the Rules are expected to be updated in June 2024)



Identity document




Medical help


Photo 3*4 - 4 pcs.

Enrollment of persons for training in educational organizations is carried out according to the applications of persons on a competitive basis.

Acceptance of applications of persons for training in the educational organization is carried out:

  • for full–time study - from June 20 to August 25 of the calendar year,
  • for correspondence studies from June 20 – September 20 of the calendar year.

Applicants must attach to the application for admission to college

  • the original of the document on education,
  • medical certificate in form No. 086-Y; for disabled persons of group I and II and disabled since childhood, the conclusion of a medical and social examination in form 088-Y,
  • 4 3x4 photo cards.
  • Identity document for identification

Identity document for identification Documents for admission are presented personally by the applicant or his legal representatives. Persons entering college, for whom an admission quota is provided, submit documents confirming the category.