The activities of the college to promote the employment of graduates are carried out according to the approved work plan for employment, which includes the main areas of assistance for the employment of graduates:

Tasks Areas of activity
Implementation of psychological support for students in order to increase their competitiveness in employment 1. Organization of group and individual consultations of undergraduates on the rules of behavior in the labor market, conducting self-presentations, preparing resumes, etc.

2. Holding meetings (together with psychologists of the service of the Center of Public Interest).

3. Organization of additional training courses for students in order to adapt more successfully to the requirements of the labor market.

1. Carrying out advertising and information work among the heads of enterprises in the region about the directions, specialties and specializations in which specialists are trained at the college.

2. Identification of potential employers.

3. Analysis of the needs for young specialists, college graduates.

4. Formation of a bank of vacancies for college graduates.

Cooperation with interested organizations engaged in the employment of graduates. 1.Organization (together with the bodies of the amusement service) internships of graduates, temporary employment of students.

2. Organization of presentations of successful enterprises of the region, holding meetings, round tables, technical conferences, seminars, with the heads of linear railway transport enterprises – with college graduates.

3. Annual completion of an internship by students of the 4th year at the Center for Transport Technologies with subsequent employment in accordance with the contract with enterprises.

4. Holding job fairs for college graduates.

5. Conducting individual consultations for graduates on employment problems.

6. Participation in the annual regional and city job fairs “Education. Work. Career”

Analysis of consumer satisfaction (external and internal) 1. Questioning of graduates on the motives for choosing professions, the organization of theoretical and practical training in the specialty, employment plans for the received specialty, etc.

2. Survey of employers on the quality of training of young professionals in college and suggestions for its improvement.

3.Survey of employers on the quality of the passage of professional, youth practices by college graduates and suggestions for its improvement

4. Collecting and analyzing reviews of graduates working at various enterprises.

Preparation of accounting documents on the work performed or its individual stages 1. Preparation of annual and operational reports on the employment of graduates and their submission to the Coordinating Center for the Promotion of Employment of Graduates, statistics, management, education.

2. Preparation of analytical notes based on the results of the survey of students and employers.

3. Preparation of the annual report at the Pedagogical Council on the employment of graduates.

Some work is being done to promote the employment of college graduates:

The Deputy Director for Educational and production work collects information from the curators of the group about employed and unemployed graduates, and then works with unemployed graduates. That is, it introduces the main methods of behavior in the labor market, this is contacting a recruitment agency, preparing resumes and issuing letters of recommendation, conducting telephone conversations with employers. Identifying vacancies from social partners, participating in all job fairs, the employment center carries out work, as a result of which our graduates are employed.

Analyzing the indicators of the last 5 years on employment, the following indicators can be noted:


– the total number of graduates is 409 students.

– total employment of 391 students. (96 %)


– the total number of graduates is 402 students.

– total employment of 360 students. (90%)

2018-2019 year:

– the total number of graduates is 345 students.

– total employment of 315 students. (91 %)


– the total number of graduates is 378 students.

– total employment of 299 students. (92 %)


– the total number of graduates is 420 people.

– total employment of 248 students. (93 %)

2016-2017 г.
2017-2018 г.
2018-2019 г.
2019-2020 г.
2020-2021 г.

Employment schedule of graduates of the 2016-2017 academic year by specialty

Employment schedule of graduates of the 2017-2018 academic year by specialty

Employment schedule of graduates of the 2018-2019 academic year by specialty

Employment schedule of graduates of the 2019-2020 academic year by specialty