Excursion to the Aktobe Regional Museum of History and Local Lore

On January 17, 2020, the group leader M.Yessetova and students of group 201B of the specialty «Accounting and Auditing» organized an excursion to the regional museum of local lore. Museum staff who conducted the tour told about the history and news of the museum of local lore.

Aktobe Regional Museum of History and Local Lore – a cultural and educational institution. The museum was created in 1929, has departments of nature, archeology, architecture and ethnography. The museum exhibits include: minerals, soil, flora and fauna of the region, remains of fossil animals found on the banks of the Ilek river, archaeological finds, household items, and others. Widely represented are samples of oral folk art: works by Koblandy, Ayman-Sholpan , «Kyz Zhibek», information about Korkyt, Asan Kaygy, Sherniyaz-akyn. Documents on the national democratic movement Alash and on victims of political repression are also exhibited. In total, the museum has over 50 thousand exhibits.