Congratulations on the victory Shagraeva Mereilim Erlanovna “TOP 100 College students of the Republic of Kazakhstan” all Department of Information systems!

Sugreeva Merelim Erlanovna was born on 16 November 2002 in the city of Atyrau. There are 6 people in the family. Childhood in the town of Kulsary, Zhylyoi district of Atyrau region. In 2008, for the first time crossed the threshold of the school. Excellent student with 1 class. During the school holidays took part in various city, school, regional competitions, competitions. Kazakh language and literature and has won prizes in many academic competitions. With 5 years participated in a dance circle. He performed in theatrical and various productions. In 2012, she participated in the Republican children’s competition “Aigolek” and received the Grand Prix. In 2013 in Italy at the International festival “Running on the waves” took the 1st prize. In 2015, he took 1st place in the competition “International Art festival”, held in Turkey. In 2018, he graduated from 9 classes and entered the Aktobe higher Polytechnic College at the Department of “information systems”. In the future, he dreams of becoming a designer or a professional who meets modern requirements. In College, these “software technician”, including the specialty “designer” and “accountant” combat know about leaving College admissions having received these professions. Currently, he is the head of the student Council for reading poetry and a member of the military-Patriotic club “Zhas Sarbaz”. He is one of the most active students in College life. Participates in a dance circle and in the game togyzkumalak. For participation in regional competitions on reading of verses takes prize-winning places. Achievements: II place in the competition of reciters by heart poems laureate of the State prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan M. Makataeva. 1st place in city competition” Mr Leman rectagon arular”. A letter of thanks from the head of the Department for youth policy of Aktobe region. A letter of thanks for participation in competition of expressive reading “Akyn Grange alinan Arman” the Winner is the winner of ” TOP 100 College students of the Republic of Kazakhstan “for students of technical and vocational education” Zhas Daryn”. Congratulations on the victory of “TOP 100 College students of the Republic of Kazakhstan” all Department of Information systems and wish further success.