“Jas-daryn 2019”

On December 14 this year, the public Fund “Support for the development of international pedagogical creativity and science” held an award ceremony of the Republican contest “Zhas Daryn-2019” dedicated to the “year of youth”in the building of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. The award ceremony was attended by about 200 talented and gifted schoolchildren, students of universities and colleges. Awarded the badge “Zhas Daryn-2019″! Together with talented, gifted young people, their parents and leading teachers were awarded a”letter of Thanks”. In this regard, 6 students of Aktobe higher Polytechnic College won awards.
This student group 401РМ Silybi Assyrian Bolatovich, head Jukeeva of Akgul.
Student group 301PG Serik Azamat Serikovich, head dauletyarova togzhan.
Student group 401РМ Nurgabylov Myra, head Kurmanbayeva Nurzhamal.
Student group 301IS Tagabergenova Aisulu, head Adilkhanova Guldana.
Student group 203ИС Sugreeva Merelim, head Matcheva Ayan.
Student group 302ПД Tomiris sovetova, head Alyshbaev Gulzhanar.
Participated and showed their results)
We sincerely congratulate all the winners of the awards!!!
We wish you success in your work, good health, family well-being, success in your work!