Smart College

SMART technology is a modern approach to setting working goals. The smart goal setting system allows you to summarize all available information at the goal setting stage, set acceptable work deadlines, determine the sufficiency of resources, and provide clear, precise, specific tasks to all participants in the process.


SMART is an abbreviation, the interpretation of which is: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound. Each letter of the abbreviation SMART means a criterion for the effectiveness of the goals set. Let's look at each smart goal criterion in more detail


Time Bound
in time




SMART learning is implemented using technological innovations and the Internet, which provides students with the opportunity to acquire professional competencies based on a systematic multidimensional vision and study disciplines taking into account their multidimensional nature and continuous updating of content.

Studying at a SMART university should be as inclusive as possible in the life of the listener, be informal, and also be based on technologies that are familiar to everyone today. In order to keep up with the ongoing changes and the growing demands of students, SMART universities need to meet the following requirements: flexibility, adaptability, quality indicators, innovation.

SMART technologies in education are of great importance, on the one hand they allow optimizing the costs of the university for material and technical support, on the other hand, to bring the quality of educational services and products to a new level.