Worldskills Kazakhstan 2019

For three days, the Palace of peace and harmony hosted the V Republican championship Worldskills Kazakhstan 2019, which brought together the best professionals in popular professions from all over the country.
Almost a week more than 270 students and graduates of colleges and Universities in the region aged 18 to 22 years on the sites of educational institutions and the enterprise OblShygysZhol competed in 43 competencies. These are “WEB design”, “IT solutions for business”, “Internet of things”, “management of unmanned aerial vehicles”, “Repair and maintenance of cars”, “mechatronics”, “Mobile robotics”, “Carpentry”, “Brickwork”, “Furniture production”, “Hairdressing”, “restaurant service”, “Floristry”, “Medical and social care”, “veterinary” and many, many others.
In our national championship “WorldSkills-2019” – our College took part in competencies:
No. The Competence Of The Party Group Leaders
1 WEB DESIGN Artamov Timur, Domakov Yerzhan.
2 Network and system administration Urazbayev Amadey
302. Nasyrov Zhastlek.

3 electronics Ertley Nurlan 405АС of an Yerbolat.
4 Graphic design Ashikawa of Siachen 302ИС hayrullaev Rinat.
5 Engineering graphics Arsenov Asabay 402C Kobdabaeva Shynar
6 Tiles Berwin Alexander 402C kydyrbayev Tanzharyk.
7 Plumbing and heating Maishabay Ernar 303AT Mukanov Seitkali
8 IT solution for business Zholamanov Gaziz works Ramanculov Askhat.
9 Visual merchandising and showcase Uteulieva Saule 404S
Abdraimova Talshyn.

At the end of the championship:
-2nd place in the competence of “Plumbing and heating” Maishabay Ernar;

  • 2-place for competence “Visual merchandising and showcasing” Uteuliev Saul;
  • 3-place for competence in Graphic design Ashikawa of Siachen.