Meeting on the issue of transition to dual training

13.11.2019. a meeting was held on the consideration of the transition to dual training.
The meeting was attended by Commission members: expert first category, division of human capital development NCE “Atameken” – Borubaev A. S., Deputy Director for NUMER – Khojaniyazova J. T., Deputy Director for UR – kostanova B. K., Deputy Director for BP – Umbetbaev K. D., head of division “General educational disciplines” – Alyshbaev G. S., head of Department “automation and control” – kazhymukhan uteuliyev E. B., head of Department “Technical specialties” – J. S. Abiyev, head of the Department “Information systems” – K. M. Kylyshbaeva, head of education part – Ganelina I. S., Methodist ICT – Sakebaeva N. B., head of correspondence Department-Zhumagazina G. U., Chairman of the trade Union Committee-Salamat G. A.
By the decision of the Commission, 7 students were transferred to dual training, majoring in “automation and management” and ” Information systems»