Program for video recording of the screen “Icecream screen recorder”

Icecream screen recorder is a program designed to record or capture images from a monitor. You can take a screenshot or record a video. It is often used by professional gamers-streamers, letsplayers, creators of video tutorials and other YouTubers.

Admittedly, when creating almost any video, it is often necessary to remove a high-quality image from the monitor. Shooting it with a camera is not the best idea. It is for these cases that the Icecream screen recorder utility has been developed.

The icecream screen recorder program has extensive features. Here is just a short list.
1. The ability to take screenshots.
2. Record video from the screen.
3. Record audio from both speakers and microphone.
4. Automatic detection of the recording zone when the function is activated.
5. You can manually define the recording or screenshot area.
6. There is a log of completed actions.
7. Saving images in parallel in the clipboard. This is really convenient, you can immediately send a message with a picture in any messenger.
8. Hotkeys for basic functions: recording and stopping videos, screenshots, etc.
9. Built-in video converter.
10. Recording timer.
11. It is possible to automatically install your own watermark on the video.