Interactive game “Cyber Security Game”

On February 4, at 15:00, an interactive game "Cyber Security Game"was held in AVPC. 8 teams from the following groups took part in the game : 405IS, 301IS, 206IS, 202IS, 104IS, 102AS, 101AS. Within 1.5 hours, the teams actively passed the tasks of the telegram bot and fought for prizes. The participants had to pass quite interesting and unusual tasks that are rarely found in everyday life. During the passage of the game, the teams scored a lot of good impressions and had a great time. Cyber Game Winners: 1 place 202 IP ( head Tulegenova Zh.) 2nd place 104 is ( Kobdabayeva Sh. A.), 3rd place 301is and 102 As (Ismagulova N. Sarsenbayeva A.) all participants and winners will be awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes We express our special gratitude for the organization of the cyber game to students 306 is Abdullin Ramzan and 104IS Zhaugashev Ratmir, Zhumagazina G. U. and we TsMK "Information systems"