Transition to the dual training system

On September 16 of this year, in order to transfer students of the Aktobe higher Polytechnic College to the dual training system, a meeting of the Commission responsible for the dual training system was organized. During the meeting, a Protocol was drawn up and 23 students were transferred to work in the dual training system at the following enterprises:

1. LLP «EuroBlockQazagstan»

2. LLP «Южпромснаб»

3. LLP «Энергосистема»

4. LLP «Sheber Profi»

5. LLP «Damu Story Invest»

6. LLP «Technodom Operator«

7. LLP «Строй Бизнес-2020»

8. LLP «Бюро 19»

9. LLP «Данай-Актобе»

10. LLP «Спец Автоматик»

11. Комапания «2 GIS»