Meeting with representatives of JSC ” SNPS-Aktobemunaygas»

On June 16, 2020, a meeting was held with the participation of representatives of JSC “SNPS-Aktobemunaygas”, where issues on certification of electric and gas welders of JSC” SNPS-Aktobemunaygas ” ZHNGK were discussed online.
The meeting was attended by:
1. Salamat G.A. – head of the center for training, retraining and certification of workers;
2. Nurmagambetov T. M. – teacher of special disciplines;
3. Mukanov S. U. – master of the p/o, responsible for the practice;
4. Bekbauov A.M. – head of the Department for training and retraining of personnel Of the Department of labor resources;
5. Urazov E.K. – head of the Department of labor resources of ZHNGK;
6. Sapieva G. T. – leading engineer of the Department of labor resources of ZHNGK.