What to do during quarantine?

Starting from April 7th, facilities for providing services to the population were suspended, with the exception of grocery stores (operating hours from 10:00 to 20:00), pharmacies and pharmacy kiosks (as usual), industrial enterprises and city life support services, medical and preventive organizations , gas stations and car service stations. Residents of the city of Aktobe are prohibited from leaving apartments (houses), with the exception of going to work, to the nearest store, pharmacy and garbage removal. Schools, universities and colleges are moving to distance learning.
We have compiled a selection for self-education, which will help pass the forced self-isolation. Many services have opened free access for quarantine. What can Aktobe residents do in order not to lose their minds from endless sitting at home?
1. Free online courses
The best investments are in yourself and your skills. Sooner or later, quarantine will end, and new knowledge, skills and abilities will remain with you. Many educational resources have opened free access to their courses:
1. Arzamas – This is a free educational project dedicated to the humanities. Here you can find online courses in the form of combinations of video lectures, reference notes and articles, photo galleries and newsreel fragments, quotes from forgotten books and interviews with experts
2. Stepic- Exceptionally high-quality and useful courses in IT and exact sciences from a domestic manufacturer.
3. 4brain-Free Russian website with online courses, lectures and articles on self-education and development.
2. Travel, yeah, exactly …
No, no one offers to take and violate quarantine. We offer you TOP YOU TUBE channels with visits to different countries.
1. “Eagle and Tails”
2. “The Dharma Tramps”
3. Maxim Zaselian
4. Ruslan Usachev “It’s time to bring down”
5. Anton Ptushkin

3. Visit virtual museums
Fortunately, in the era of the Internet, you can visit the greatest museums in the world without leaving your own home and not paying attention to their closure in connection with quarantine. Here are just a few options:
• The Louvre Museum – one of the greatest museums – offers to see the 360-degree panorama of the museum and even carefully examine the rare artifacts around. If you click on the exhibits, you can get additional information about their history.
• The National Gallery of Art in the United States has about 1200 paintings, this is one of the best collections of Italian Renaissance paintings in the world, works of Dutch and Spanish Baroque.
• Google art project collaborates with more than 60 museums and galleries from around the world. Using Google Street View technology, a visitor can explore the collections of, for example, the White House in the USA, the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar and even the São Paulo Museum of Street Art from Brazil.
4. Start learning foreign languages
Self-isolation of language learning is not a hindrance. It is enough to register for free Duolingo, subscribe to native speakers on Youtube and watch the series in the original with subtitles.
The free EngVid website gives you the opportunity to practice English with a native speaker. You can find something for yourself at any stage of learning English.