Start-up Fair

07.12.2019 year ARSU them.K. Zhubanova held a competition “incubation Fair of business Ideas “Start-up Fair”, organized by NGO “Atameken” among students of universities and colleges of Aktobe region.

At the first stage, 75 projects were heard, 20 projects were sent to the second stage. 10 teams took part from the AFC, 3 teams were sent to the 2nd round. “Time” with the project “Time is Money” students  206 IS
Head: Bakytzhanova.M. B

2.Berdibaeva Aisha student group 201 B with the project “Dry soap”.
Head: Bakytzhanova.M. B

3. Serik Azamat 301 PG
 Imangaliev Islam 101 AS
With the “SNAIL” project 
Head: Esetova.M.K.

We wish good luck to our students!