League of college

From September, 15  for November,     20  20 of 2019 годда    competitions  were conducted  on football   among      the students of І – ІІ   course  within the framework of   ” League  of college” . More than 17 commands took   part  in  competitions  .
On results a competition::
І место- 103 ace
ІІ место- 105ас
ІІІ место-101эл
There is attacking”  Абдгалиев  Бекзат  of 105ас on  the nominations :of “Луічший 
The “best defender”   Сапыгалиев   Ерсін  103ас
 The “best goalkeeper” Шагбоз Алдияр  of 105ас
” The best   player”  Бөлекбай  Ернар