About conducfion a volleyball comptfifion

On November 22-23, 2019 in Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College the volleyball competition among girls of the I-II course was held.  There   were   gioups   parficipafed:
1.101 D-teacher of physical education Rakhmetova Sandugash .
2.102 PD – teacher of physical education Rakhmetova Sandugash
3.201 PG – teacher of physical education Sultanov Maksat
  1. 202 s teacher in physical education Sultanov Maksat.
 According to the results of the competition, the team of 102pd group took the1st, the team of 201pg took the  place and the team of 202C took the 3 ra place.
 The “Best player” – Almenova Aruzhan (102 PD)
    “The best binder” – Kurganbekova Zhuldyzay (201 PD)
 The “Best striker” – glinska Veronika (202 s)geinskaya
The  “Best Libero” – Zhakanova Eleonra(101B)
      The collective of physical education.