In November 14, 2019, the regional scientific and practical center for continuing education “Aktobe-Daryn” passed the regional stage of the republican competition of scientific projects in general subjects.
The competition was attended by 516 students in 16 sections. Among these participants, 21 students participated from the Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College and won prizes.
ІІ level- Orazmagambetov Mukhtar. 1 course. Section-Computer Science. Head-Nurina Zh.K
ІІ level- Saduakasova Akbota. 1 course. Section –Chemistry. Head – Kazkeeva G.
ІІІ level- Saginaev Akzhol. 1 course. Section- Physics. Head – Almaniazova A.S.
ІІІ level – Imangalieva Islam. 1 cousre. Section-Biology. Head –Tobish G.