Information message

On November 13 2019, a monitoring group worked at the College to study the implementation of the new self-knowledge program and the structure of its teaching. As part of the group: A. M. Nurkenova-chief specialist of the regional Department of education of the region, B. M. Shashtygarina-Deputy Director for UMR of Aktobe humanitarian College, N. T. Toksanbayev and B. K. Zharkaeva-teachers of self-knowledge of Aktobe humanitarian College.

During the monitoring Methodist College S. Еskalieva held a demonstration lesson on the subject of “self-Knowledge” on the topic: “Man in the family.” At the monitoring group was attended by members of the monitoring Committee, as well as teachers of samopoznanie our сollege: G. Zhumagazina, N. Otarov, A. Matashova and Deputy Director of  J. T. Hojaniyazova, B. K. Kostanova.

The monitoring group also studied the educational planning documentation of the cyclic methodical Commission and teachers of self-knowledge, got acquainted with the opinions of students and subject teachers in the process of conducting a survey.


G. Zhumagazina