Textbook “Fundamentals of psychology of communication and ethics of business relations”»

Publishing house “Folio” (the city of Nur-Sultan) published a textbook Eskalieva S. B. means «Қарым – қатынас психологиясының негізі және іскерлік қатынастар этикасы». The textbook has the stamp of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is recommended for educational institutions of technical and vocational education. Circulation of the textbook-1000 copies.

Reviewers of the textbook: Сartbaeva Zh. Zh. – candidate of psychological Sciences, associate Professor, Baganova A. M.-candidate of pedagogical Sciences, Jumagazina G.U. – teacher of special disciplines, a psychologist

The content of the textbook outlines the forms of communication, communicative capabilities of a person and the ways of its implementation, means of verbal and non-verbal communication, listening skills, ways to establish the foundations of business communication, ethics of a business person.


Zh. Khojaniyazova