Every year, Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College hosts meetings with students of the 3rd – 4th courses of the college, the “Employment Center” of Aktobe, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” and heads of enterprises. In addition, in the assembly hall of our college there was a meeting of representatives of TNK Kazchrome JSC: Sarinzhipov N.M. -Head of the mining and processing Industry Service, Chepurny V. V.-Head of the Department of Training and Development, Seilkhan A.S. (college graduate) – Deputy head of the electrical repair shop, Dorosh V. Yu. – senior duty officer engineer of the power plant “AZF”, Danyarova Sh. H. – Head of the Department of Selection, recruitment and Personnel Administration “ERG Open Day”. The program of the event as part of JSC “TNK “Kazchrome” for graduates of colleges “AZF” and “DGOC” was aimed at orientation, the necessary information and an invitation to jobs.