Medical care


Borankulova Talanda Khamzinovna

Paramedic of the medical center of Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College

Medical license

The main tasks of the medical center are:

Providing primary medical care to students and staff of the college, as well as carrying out preventive measures.

In accordance with the goals and objectives, the medical center carries out:

Emergency care, first aid for injuries, acute diseases, poisoning;

Development and implementation of preventive and health measures;

Performs the maintenance of accounting and reporting medical documentation;

Promotes sanitary and hygienic knowledge and a healthy lifestyle;


The medical center takes an active part and is fully responsible for all medical activities carried out in the organization of education, requires new entrants to have a form 063 (preventive vaccination cards) and a form 086/y medical certificate.

Makes a plan of preventive vaccinations;

Promotes the basics of a healthy lifestyle among young people, the implementation of preventive measures for tobacco smoking, alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive substances, increasing their physical activity. Conducts HIV prevention activities/AIDS, skin-venereal and other infectious-parasitic diseases.

Annual scheduled medical examinations are conducted among students and staff of the college, fluorographic examination, preventive vaccinations.

The purposeful work of the medical center makes it possible to implement strategic tasks to preserve the health of students.