Master class from Tulaeva Sandugash Kereevna

12.11.2020 at 10.00 a master class was held on the topic “The pedagogical style of a teacher in the period of blended learning.” The master class examined new tools to simplify and increase efficiency during the period of distance learning. A dynamic environment in which you can build drawings was considered. Drawings can be viewed from all sides by dragging the mouse across the screen. Students especially should be helped to improve their imagination and for a better understanding of how the figure will look. The master class was conducted by the teacher of mathematics Tulaeva Sandugash Kereevna.
Teachers participated:
Itibaev B
Nurina J
Almaniyazova A
Eskalieva S
Kabezh E
Kazbaeva G
Takhanova Ainur
Zholayeva Zhannat