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February 13, 2020 in Aktobe higher Polytechnic College teachers of social and " CMC of social disciplines: S. Nurudinova, T. N. Ermukhanov The 1st year held an Olympiad in social science among students. The purpose of the event is to increase students ' interest in the study of social science and research activities and encourage self-learning. The following winners were determined based on the results of the Olympiad: 1. Dubina Katya 102 PD( in Russian), Izturganov Zhandos 101EL (in Kazakh)) 2. Salamatova Dana 102 is (in Russian), Saktaganov Farhad 101EL (in Kazakh)) 3,Artem Shcherban 102 AC (with Russian language of instruction), the Koishybayev Bakytzhan 101 IP (in the Kazakh language )