Elementor #14968

The educational and methodological office of the Aktobe higher Polytechnic College and the creative group of the rukhani zhangyru project held a contest among the College's teachers "Best articles" on the topic: "Looking to the future: modernization of public consciousness - the role of national and spiritual values in the education of the young generation".

The purpose of this competition:

- Increase creative activity and search abilities among teachers;

Competition problem:

 - To familiarize with the correct decisions and works taking place in the educational process in the framework of the program of President N. A. Nazarbayev "Looking to the future: modernization of public consciousness".;

- increasing the teacher's creative potential:

- identification and support of creatively working teachers by the presentation of important professional results;

The materials submitted for the contest were analyzed according to the following evaluation criteria:

- Relevance and full disclosure of the topic;

- Creativity and search;

- Independence of thought;

- Compliance with the contest theme;

- Author's own point of view and signature;

- Accuracy of execution;

Result of competition:

1st place-Alashbaeva G. S., Adilkhanova G. B. " the Transition to the Latin alphabet – a new stage in the Kazakh language "

2nd place-Mukhanbetova R. Zh., Uteuliev E. B. " use of subject-language integrated learning (CLIL) in the study of special disciplines» 

3rd place-Mirambekova G. A. "Rouhani Jair-spiritual orientation of the younger generation»


Congratulations to the winners of the contest!!!