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Quick guide


Moodle (modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment) is a free learning management system, focused primarily on the organization of interaction between the teacher and students, although it is also suitable for organizing traditional distance learning courses, as well as supporting full-time learning


The course is an area on the Moodle website where teachers can add study materials for their students. A teacher can have more than one course and a course can include more than one teacher and more than one group of students.

Course participants

Participants in the course (both teachers and students) must be registered users of the site. The user independently fills out the registration form on the site and creates an account for himself.

Purpose and objectives:

  • creating conditions for continuing education

  • openness and individual approach in the educational process

  • interactivity of the base of educational and methodical material on the Moodle platform in the distance learning system

  •  exchange of information between teachers and students in any format in the Moodle system.

Course categories


Electronic library for ACCESS

Qualification tests for students

The name of the specialty

  • Digitized books

  • Video lesson

  • Tsory teachers

  • Internet resources (links)


Theoretical and practical test tasks for certification and qualification of graduates TVE educational programs NAO “holding” Kasipkor”